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Welcome...To Long Island Riding Lessons


Fooling around with Teade in the video and Teade on the cover of the April Issue of the "Horse Directory"

Welcome to Long Island Riding Lessons!     

If you have been searching for riding lessons, you have found the right place. I offer beginner and advanced lessons. I LOVE teaching adults that have ridden as children and wanted to start riding again OR adults that NEVER have ridden and want to learn, but they could never find a place to start. Feel free to come visit and have a look around. Call and set up a time to visit now. What are you waiting for?

Advanced riders are welcome to sharpen their skills or give themselves a fresh start. Get yourself ready for the next show!

Children can begin riding around 7 years old. At 7 their attention span has improved and they are better able to follow important directions.

Maybe you are interested in learning how to ground work your horse and build a better bond. Trailer your horse in for a weekly, or monthly lesson. The indoor arena is a welcome change from the cold/snowy weather we have been having!

Does your horse need a mental adjustment? Learn how to get your horse to do what you want. Email to find out what arrangements can be made to have the horse of your dreams.

Have you had a bad fall and now find you are having an issue riding again? Come talk and see what can be done to help get you back on a horse...

I also offer trick training through patience...


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Long Island Riding Lessons