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Hampton Classic


  2006 and 2007

            Hampton Classics 06' and RAIN!/ 2007 SUN

   The  summer  of 2006, Teade had the honor of riding in the Opening Ceremony for the Hampton Classics.

    Since this was a last minute call, we had really no time to prepare, so off we went. Teade has never seen such goings on before. He was completely beside himself. But, after the initial ride in the Grand Prix ring, Teade settled into a much relaxed state of tons of hugging and rubbing from the many people.

    Glenviegh on the other hand took everything into stride...what a good soul this horse has.

Press releases:

We were back again for 2007!

Teade even had a Photo Shoot with Annmarie Lucus from. the "Animal Precinct."




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